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The group of muscles near the rear part of the arm is the triceps. They are named as triceps group of muscles, because it is not a single muscle. Average triceps are twice as large as biceps. Triceps are larger than the biceps and hence effectively helps in lifting weights and lowering them, providing well balance no matter how small or large the weight is. They are also responsible for shoulder and elbow rotation. Workout done to tone and enhance triceps is the Close Grip Bench press.

Close Grip Bench Press

Steps to follow :

• It requires a barbell and a bench
• Sit on the bench
• Place both your hands a foot apart or half foot apart
• Hold the bar by both hands firmly
• Adjust the weights
• Pull the bar near the chest with both the hands until the arms are completely closer
• Slowly release it until the hands are completely extended
• Repeat this for 15 to 20 times
• Regular practising will tone the triceps well shaped

Things to mind :

• As with the regular barbell bench press dont let the bar bounce off
• Also dont let the bar come closer and rest in the chest
• Caution is required in doing the exercise
• Little amount of strain is enforced on the back and the neck so do it slowly

Purpose and areas of effect :

• Doing this exercise is a way to tone the triceps
• All the group of triceps muscles gets strengthened
• The shoulder muscles are also toned well
• Back bone and neck muscles are trained with strains
• The deltoid muscle groups of shoulders are also strengthened
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